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Happy Canada Day 150!

In celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday, Avery decided to give her own National Park Passes for free. Avery cannot make travels to Banff/Jasper parks according to original travel plan due to large numbers of court dates, border crossing requests in the summer. However, I want my clients to enjoy it!

The Discovery Annual Canada National Park Pass costs approximately 140 CAD per year, but is free through Canadian Government for year 2017. Normally it will take 1-2 months to deliver. By asking Avery to send you her pass, you'll be able to visit these parks in next week!


1. Must be applicant who had a retainer agreement signed, or who had a initial consultation done, or who will schedule for a initial consultation within the following week.

2. Must have tourist visa or PR visa. Exceptions can be made for U.S. PR and applicant from other visa exempted countries.

3. One pass per client. You only need one pass per private vehicle.

4. Regular mail fees will be borne by Avery, whereas express courier fee will be borne by applicant.

5. In event of multiple requests more than two, priority will be given to whoever booked the earliest itinerary.

6. A few limited edition Vancouver public transit compass 150 passes are available to whom decided to landing in Vancouver as PR recently.

7. Free one-year national park passes will also be issued to who has recently becoming a Canadian Citizen starting year 2018, so don't worry if you haven't been to Bnaff/Jasper/other wonderful places.


因今年夏季各种出庭,入关,递交文件日期紧迫,所以手头的两张National Park Passes无法使用。决定也应该有些节日活动。正常价的Pass为140刀一张,可进入27个加拿大国家公园和77个同级别景点。今年的Pass为庆祝150周年均为免费,但官网寄送至少要等1-2月,已预订夏季行程但没有国家公园通行证的可以联系Avery索取。

  1. 必须是已Retainer agreement signed或已完成Initial Consultation或在接下来一周预约Initial consultation的同学

  2. 必须是已有加拿大旅游签证或PR签证的同学。美国绿卡,台湾香港护照例外。

  3. 每人仅限一张,同一辆私家车不管人数只需一张进入国家公园

  4. 平信费用由Avery承担,快递费用由申请人承担,可邮寄全球

  5. 多人申请时,以所定机票时间早晚为优先顺序排列。

  6. 近期决定长登,常住温哥华的同学还有机会获得限量版(目前已无法买到)的温哥华市150周年公交卡。

  7. 未能今年出行的同学也不必着急。按照新规定,成为Citizen的第一年也是全年国家公园免费。请点击最新Blog察看详情。

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