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What to do when you receive a removal order or get detained?

What to do when you receive a removal order or get detained?


Don’t panic. Stay silent and calm. Be cooperative with the officer who asked you to come in office or detained you, but don’t sign anything. Have your family or close friends call a counsel (an immigration consultant certified by ICCRC or a lawyer regulated by bar association).


What’s next?

Depending on what type(s) of removal order you got.


If you’ve overstayed your student permit, work permit and/or visitor’s visa, or breach of residency obligation, your order will probably be a departure order. Ask a consultant for advice about restoration. If you leave Canada after 30 days or do not confirm your departure with the Border Service, your Departure Order will automatically become a enforceable Deportation Order.


If your order is an exclusion order, you’ll face one to five years ban. Work with an experienced consultant to discuss your options of overcome the inadmissibility.


If your order is a deportation order, you’ll be asked to leave Canada soon. Contact an resourceful consultant to discuss your options before the deportation order becoming enforceable.


If you didn’t meet the 2-out-of-5-years residency obligation, try your best to stay in Canada after receiving the departure order at port of entry, it’s against advisement to go back to home country without planning.

In the event of outside Canada applicant without a valid PR card, you may not necessarily get a removal order upon port of entry. But always consult with a professional for best strategies.

Have some backup plan, start to collect all your documentation and proof of ties with Canada and call a consultant immediately.

Remember, the court and immigration judge will keep reminding you that you have a right to counsel. Going in an immigration court without counsel is waiving that right and waiving your chances of success.


For more information about removal orders, or book an appointment with Avery, RCIC, Contacts and Map.

For urgent request, Avery's office is located within walking distance of Waterfront Station and Vancouver immigration court (IRB). In case Avery is not in office, another colleague may help you till Avery return to office.

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