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When it comes to immigration,  a sophisticated client will look for a knowledgeable professional who cares about your dream and future. It's always advisable to hire someone experienced, not just to take care of the paperwork, but also to take off your stress and concern, therefore in return you could enjoy much more control and leisure for your career and life.


Avery, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is fully licensed by the immigration regulatory body of Canada, (ICCRC).  



International Students in Canada, U.S., and Europe (even if you have graduated for years)


Recently got married to a Canadian?

Adopted a child internationally?

Congradulations! Find out your family sponsorship options.


Got an innovative idea for a start-up? Great idea worth a million! You may get funded and settled in Canada at the same time. 


Received an employment in Canada? 


Want to invest a business in Canada?

Or be self-employed as an artist, athlete, or farmer in Canada? 


Tourist visa got refused? 






无隐藏收费 靠谱良心本着为客户最大利益出发的原则


出庭辩护 学生转正 婚姻移民 亲属移民

投资移民 创业移民 工作签证 旅行签证

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