Avery Liao is a licensed immigration consultant with science and education background, offering solid and affordable Canadian immigration services. Her practices exclusively focus on IRB Appeals, and Express Entry.


        Avery was born in P.R.China. She once was a science researcher in the United States, and a high school educational support in Beijing, China. She's been working in Vancouver, Canada since 2014. Certified in immigration consulting, she counsels on various cases and is especially enthusiastic about serving as a legal consultant for IRB court appeal cases, and providing consultation to international students.


        Avery has been teaching immigration law to prospective immigration consultants at two Vancouver local colleges (CDI College and Ashton College) since spring 2018.

        Ms. Liao is known as the "go to person" in Vancouver consultant social network. Avery has immigration acts, regulations, and manuals committed to memory, and has extensive problem-solving skills in the areas of

                     PR application  -- Employment based and Family based

                     Work/study permit -- PNP, LMIA and LMIA exempted

                     Inadmissibility -- Criminal, Medical, Misrepresentation and Non-compliance.


         A full decade of multinational study and work behind her, Avery gained quick recognition as dedicated, resourceful, and exceptionally detail-oriented. As an up-to-date consultant and former technical person, she is refreshingly accessible, send her an email now at Contact Avery.

         In her spare time, Avery loves to travel. She is half way through her plans to travel all 13 provinces in Canada and 50 states in the USA. See her photos in GALLERY and her future trips in WORKSHOP.


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Avery W. Liao
Founder & Consultant

RCIC, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

CDI College Faculty - Immigration Consulting - Ongoing


Ashton College Faculty - Immigration Consulting - Resigned

M.Sc. in Marine Biology (Rutgers, New Jersey, USA)