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N 年的留学工作经验回中国海归不受认可

加拿大快速通道Express Entry欢迎你!







为 美英欧澳 留学生 

量身定做 无需雇主支持 无需加拿大经验的




Comprehensive Ranking System?


Simplified Ranking System

How to read the Chart???


4A, high chance selection in Express Entry

3A and 1 A+, selection in Express Entry 

For every A-, you need a A+ to make up for it

For every B, you need two A+ to make up.

Express Entry -- Federal, 6 months processing time

You have one B or C, you may qualify for provincial nomination,

which takes about 10-18 months, not bad!
























* For PNP Choices

STEM or Applied Science: IT/Data professional, Financial Accountant, Analyst, Marketing professionals Business Consultant , Nurse & Medical related technologist, etc.


***You don't need to consider "Occupation" if you apply the 6-month federal program only. Certain majors would have a better chance in provincial nomination, but federal program is open to all occupations.




Still Confused?



The Ultimate FAQ   --- 史上最全FAQ

copyright @ Avery Consulting, May 2016


Q: Do I have to secure a job offer to immigrate to Canada?


A: Not necessarily. Canadian skilled working professional immigration has a long standing tradition of point-based system. Starting from 2015, candidates enter the new Express Entry system, ranking against all the other candidates, based on age, education, working experience, English and French proficiency. A job offer would be a huge bonus; however, you may still have a great chance given that you’re young and speak fluent English. Majority of Avery’s clients immigrate to Canada without a job offer.



答:不需要。加拿大的技术移民是打分制度,根据申请人的年龄,学历,工作经验,英语,法语,和是否有工作offer来打分,由一个Comprehensive Ranking System 分高到分低择优录取。有工作offer加分很多,但是目前的Express Entry系统来看,没有雇用合同,其他条件足够好,很多申请者同样被录取。Avery的客户大多数都没有用工作雇佣条件录取。


Q: Do I have to stay in Canada in order to apply?


A: Absolutely No. The fundamental difference between Canadian federal skilled worker (FSW) and U.S. H1B is you are eligible to apply Canadian FSW without a day’s experience in Canada. Your points are calculated based on your past, what you have built (working experience, English, education), rather than your prospective job offer. The residency obligation, AKA the two-out-of-five-years physical residency in Canada, only comes in act after you've granted permanent residency.





Q: What’s the difference between Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)?


A: Candidates for FSW have the freedom to choose all provinces (but Quebec) as his/her destination. The program is open year round, 24/7, six months processing time, and with a bit of luck, some candidates did get PR within three months. Not surprisingly, the passing bar is higher than PNP, especially the language proficiency requirement.


Whereas PNP, a program ensuring the continued prosperity of each province, allows provincial immigration offices to select their own candidates. By adding the extra 600 PNP points, applicants can be guaranteed Express Entry invitation on the next round. Thirteen provinces and territories each has its own quota and selection criteria, although most of which are saved for residents in that particular province. A few thousands quota (each year) is available to overseas applicants. To ensure best choice of PNP, please find a solid and reliable counsel.



答:联邦技术移民是全国性的申请,申请人可以随意选择在哪里生活(魁北克法语区还是有限制的),全年开放,随到随申,门槛自然是最高的一种,要求申请人年轻,英语好,一旦高分被Express Entry选中六个月通过,号称直通车,有材料准备的漂亮的运气好的, 4个月就能通过。


省提名是每个省在自己的执法范围内,根据每个省劳工缺口,先自己省预审,通过后提名给联邦,Express Entry加600分下一轮抽取即可选上。因为加了省里的审核步骤,材料需要双份,时间也是12-18月左右。一共13个省级单位各有自己的名额,并不全年开放,用完只能等下一年。大多数名额留给已经在本省读书工作的人,只有少数几个省把一定数额的名额配给完全加境外经验的申请者。政策随时变化,想通过省提名的申请者,请务必咨询靠谱顾问。


Q: What’s LMIA?


A: Labour market impact assessment, the Canadian version of U.S. H1B, is a Service Canada Regulation to ensure the labour shortage is always filled by citizen first. The initial intention of the LMIA is totally legit and valid, until employers start to reject foreign working professionals simply because they don’t want to go through all the trouble of LMIA><.

Please seek immigration counsel’s opinion before you apply LMIA. LMIA is normally used as the last resort; in most scenarios, you may be qualified for LMIA exemption. Don’t reply your LMIA application on HR professionals. HR personnel are trained for employment law, not immigration law.



答:全名是Labour Market Impact Assessment, 和美国的H1B类似,要确认工作签证的人的那份工作是招不到加拿大人(美国人)的,雇佣这个外国人是对加拿大(美国)有极大好处的。这是最常见的工作签证,给企业造成了极高的雇用成本,也是大多数单位不肯sponsor外籍员工的原因。



Q: This Express Entry program sounds so easy. So…What’s the good enough English test benchmark to get me accepted?


A: I never said it is easy….Fair warning, Canadian PR is not easy even for international students, those who have stayed and studied in Canada. As a certified counsel, one of the reasons I’m providing this counsel service is that I’m offering a much more fairly played pathway than H1B. 60% of the international students in the U.S. don’t get lucky on H1B lottery selection. I think if someone has studied in U.S., worked a few years on OPT, speaks fluent English (IELT 7.0-7.5/TOEFL 100-105), someone as a well-adjusted, well-educated and successful young adult, you should have a better career advancement opportunity, right here in Canada, rather than staying long waiting period and taking lay-off risks of H1B. Express entry provides you an opportunity, a narrow window (before turning 35 years old!) to start your career without stress. If you haven’t tackled U.S. green card before turning 27 years old, book a consultation hour to discuss your better plan B.

I’m offering help with IELTS test as well. I was an education professional who has worked at top private schools for five years.


Hire a reliable and affordable counsel to take off your stress and concern; in return you could enjoy much more control and leisure for your career and life.



答:等等,我什么时候说过容易啦?呵呵。Express Entry并不容易,现在加拿大读书的学生毕业后也是很大一番周折才能搞定枫叶卡。我只说过和美国H1B lottery纯抽签拼运气相比,按照过往学历,经验,英语打分,从高到低择优录取更为公平,且审批速度极快没有美国的排期。Avery介绍的途径尤其适合在美国用OPT和H1B工作了1至3年,英语好(雅思7.0-7.5,等同于托福100-105,单项写作和口语都要足够流利),够年轻的申请者。每过一年生日扣分很快,这是一个很短的窗口,很快关闭,27岁以上还没搞定美国绿卡的申请者,建议看到此文立即预约咨询,给自己多一条选择。





Q: Do I have to work at the same occupation as I applied in FSW?


A: No. As a Canadian PR, you are free to do anything you like, full time, part time, multiple shifts, switching career, study (on full amount student loan), self-employed, entrepreneur, invest, home-maker, or doing nothing at all. U.S. green card holder enjoys the same privilege within U.S. You have the same right and privilege as Canadian citizen, except you can’t vote or run for office.





Q: What happens if I’m married?


A: If the person you married is not Canadian citizen, you could apply PR as a family. Points are primarily awarded to the principal applicant, which could be either of you two. Spouse may take IELTS to get more bonus points. Principal applicants and accompanying spouse are not interchangeable once submitted. Public education in Canada, not to brag, a superior one than our counterpart in U.S., is open to underage children (PR) accompanying their PR parents.  





Q: I studied in U.S./U.K., but now I’m back in China.  I don’t like my current job; can I go back to North America?


A: Sure! Your points are calculated based on your past, what you have built (working experience, English, education), rather than your current country of residence. You may be required to submit more translated and notarized documents. However, the processing time is only few weeks longer than the applicants in U.S. With the consultation of Avery, you can come back to resume your life in six months. A Canadian Citizen doesn’t need H1B to work in U.S. While you’re in China waiting for the visa, keep up the hard work of practicing English. The language skills will come in handy when you come back.



答:那么加拿大Express Entry是最适合你的,(因为英美等国家都不会接受境外的申请者)。可以用美国的学历,中国的工作经验申请加拿大Express Entry,除了在材料翻译上需要多一些功夫,时间上略长几周,其他方面和在美国申请是一样的。六个月拿枫叶卡,回北美重拾之前的生活。成为加拿大公民后不需要H1B即可在美国工作。Avery给海归的朋友最大的建议是,不要轻视了持续使用英语哦。


海归再归海 特殊优惠 


Q: I never worked a day in my whole life; I’ve been pursuing PhD ever since graduation of college. Do I have to wait for PhD completion and work for a year after graduation?


A: Ongoing PhD student is an especially delicate case. Your research and teaching experience in graduate school may count toward working experience – not for every PhD. – It’s suggested to hire a counsel for such case. It’s highly likely for you to obtain graduation diploma and Canada green card at the same time. You never have to say you need employment sponsorship during your first job interview.



答:正在读PhD的是很特殊的一种情况,虽然你没有正式在所谓职场工作过,一直是学生,但你的科研教学经历也算某种程度的working experience. 这种申请请一定找Avery来写文书,切忌自己随便操作。对于大学毕业后一路读书的客户,找Avery做个规划,在毕业前一两年申请,美国(加拿大)PhD毕业同时拿加拿大枫叶卡,没有任何工作签证顾虑在职场找到工作当天即可上班。


Q: Why do I have to get a counsel if it’s not mandatory?


A: Technically, you don’t have to have a lawyer even when facing first degree murder charge. Nonetheless, as a specialized professional, the outsiders don’t generally know how the law works. A qualified immigration consultant knows every inside detail, timeline, uniqueness of each client, and on top of that, each provincial nominee program. Consultation fees are sometimes negotiable. Hire a reliable and affordable counsel to take off your stress and concern; in return you could enjoy much more control and leisure for your career and life.


If you do insist on applying all by yourself, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. The consulting fee for skilled worker application, generally costs from 2k-4k USD, is less than your monthly salary. Do you agree the biggest transaction of your life deserves a professional, and one month salary is well spent


    2. Do you have more than enough time to do your own research?

You may be a full time student or working professional, or you may have a family. The average working time of a case is 50-100 hours for a consultant, more than 300 hours for an applicant who never filed any application before. In the mean time, applicants looking for PNP quota may never have the time to check all 13 provinces (territories) and when you do, the programs update all over again.

    3. Can you take the risk of rejection?

The second time will always always be more difficult if you get rejected, not to mention losing points due to aging. There is a five year penalty for misrepresentation, meaning you’re not allowed entering Canada even on a visitor’s visa.







1 是否支付不起两千刀来支持自己人生最大的决定? 对于已入职场的人,这不足一个月工资。

即使再细心和英文好,也不可能有专业人士递交过上百个案例的细节准确度和大局策略观。Avery收费半公益性质,市场上再无 替 美英欧澳 留学生服务的 良心价位移民顾问。

2 是否有足够的时间来保证选择了最适合自己的项目,填对了表格的每一条目?


3 是否能承担被据的后果?

如果被据,会极大增加第二次申请的难度。且不说至少一年过去,技术移民申请中分数比重极大的年龄一项又少了若干分数。对于填错(谎报)关键信息造成被据的申请者,有五年不得入加拿大境内(含旅游签证)的惩罚。快速通道的优势在于快速,八成Avery签约客户在一年内拿到加拿大身份,99%客户在两年内拿到。如果自己操作,误了材料, 签证官并不会从申请人角度出发,反复申请,也完全错失了快速通道 快的意义。



Q:What’s the difference between an immigration lawyer and an immigration consultant?


A: A lawyer in Canada has studied in law school (not necessarily immigration law), passed the bar, and accredited by each province. They can represent cases in their specialty.

A lawyer is most likely overcharged. The selling point of a lawyer who charges 500 dollars an hour is definitely not skilled worker application. A removal order appeal may cost you more and you want to look for a legal counsel for your very own best interest. Avery is fully licensed and experienced for representing you in front of immigration court (tribunal), and when necessary, will bring in excellent attorney as co-counsel.

An immigration consultant has studies immigration law for a year, passed the national exam and accredited by ICCRC. They can represent clients in immigration court (tribunal) and immigration related application. Unlike lawyer, they can’t represent you, say, in a divorce case or personal injury case. However, as far as immigration law is concerned, a consultant has the same scope and knowledge and authority as an immigration lawyer, with a much more reasonable service fee.








Q: What’s the fee like? Do you have free services?


  • A: Avery goes to Universities in U.S. and Canada for free workshop from time to time. The 2-hour workshop/information session is free (RSVP required) and the best opportunities to obtain first-hand information about Canadian permanent residency application, meet the consultant and have time for Q & A.

  • The recent info session will be in Midwest, USA, including Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota at the end of May, before the memorial holiday.


Any applicant is welcomed to book an hourly paid consultation, for 160 USD or 200 CAD. Please send a detailed resume before the consultation hour. You’ll get a point-evaluation, options of recommended programs, timelines and fees, and reminder of what to do when leaving or entering any country. The full service fee will be determined during the session. The first hour consultation fee can be credited towards the lump-sum payment if the client signs the retainer agreement.

The full service fees include:

Governmental fees:

 Federal SW: 1040 CAD

Provincial Nomination: 0-1500 CAD + FSW fees

Disbursement: notarization, medical exam, courier fees, etc.

600-1500 CAD

Governmental and disbursement fees are not charged by Avery, It’s collected by a third party. You can choose to pay them directly or authorize Avery to pay on your behalf because most likely, you don’t have a Canadian dollar bank account.

Consultation fee:

Varies from case to case, really can’t say into detail before the first hour consultation. 

Special Rate for 2016 H1B Plan B and Return to North America Package.




首先Avery会不定时去美国和加拿大不同城市和大学进行宣讲会,完全免费,是了解信息的好方法。最近的一次是五月底长周末之前中西部Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota等州的著名大学,请点击察看报名方式。

欢迎预约一小时有偿咨询(160美元或200加币),请先发送详细简历,一小时咨询包括 做一个分数评估,提供对你个人的可行的项目的时间材料费用 方案 供你选择,从咨询日起应该注意的出入境事项。会给一个总费用清单。如果咨询后决定整个案子都授权我代理,这第一小时费用可在总费用中扣除。










参见H1B PlanB 和 海归再归海计划,感兴趣请发简历预约咨询

第一次咨询请先填表​, 连同简历和生日,过往英语考试成绩,提前24小时发送给Avery。



Q: Why Avery?


A: Ask yourself what kind of doctors would you want when you’re sick or what kind of teachers would you prefer for your children to have at school? Accredited by government, respects patients/students, solid and accessible, maintains professionalism, provides highest quality of medicare/education possible. Apply same caution when’re looking for immigration consultant.


1 Look for consultant’s credential on ICCRC’s website.

If the consultant claims he/she works for a lawyer/consultant, but his/her own name is not on ICCRC’s list, please be extra cautious. A medical intern can only held a scalpel under doctor’s supervision; a student teacher can only teach a class when a licensed teacher is present; likewise, a licensed counsel is the only one who can provide legal advice, not the paralegal or assistant. ICCRC has sent out warnings repeatedly about unauthorized consultants. Make sure the person you’re talking to is the same person who signs your paper.


2 Look for certificates more than ICCRC credential.


Eventually, the consultant’s job is to connect you with the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). You, as a sophisticated client, definitely want someone with high proficiency of English skills and prestigious education background.


3 Does your consultant understand your case?

I’ve heard clients stating their last counsel told them LMIA is the only way to work in Canada, which by the way could not be more wrong. Each consultant has his/her own specialty, and again, you, as a sophisticated client, would not want a counsel to recommend you a pathway which only makes more profit for the consultant. Avery is specialized in skilled professional immigration through international students. You could always make a better plan for your future whether you’re in school, just out of school, or as a young professional.





1 是否在ICCRC上找得到资格认证的名字



2 顾问的英语是否够好,学历是否过硬?



3 顾问是否足够了解你个人情况?


H1B RFE 2017 9月

H1B Rfe 2017 10月1日无法工作

H1B 被Rfe Request for Evidence怎么办

H1b Rfe October 1st 2017 what to do 

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OPT, H1b, H4, Eb1 均会遭削减怎么办


川普移民令 留美学生 身份 13万年薪

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不属于OPT STEM 24个月延期怎么办?




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2017 H1B better plan B

哪家 CPT挂靠学校靠谱?哪家OPT挂靠可靠值得推荐?


OPT挂靠, CPT挂靠有极大风险并且违反移民法



加拿大快速通道Express Entry欢迎你!



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