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Office Holiday Schedule

2016 Xmas and New Year Holiday Avery Consulting Office Schedule

Federal Immigration office and provincial offices will be closed for the break, therefore our office schedule is adjusted as below:

Effective from Dec. 23rd 2016 to Jan 5th 2017

New clients interested in Canadian Skilled Worker Immigration will be requested to send detailed resume and birth date 4 days ahead of time; the online booking system is now set as booking available after 72 hours.

New clients interested in IRB court appeals, emergency removal order hearings, and parents sponsorship could make phone call and come to office by appointment only.

Retainer clients, except parents sponsorship, will get email and Wechat reply within 48 hours in general. Clients in parents sponsorship category, or those who have a court date set at earlier January and potential PNP applicants will receive notification on latest status during the holiday season, except Dec. 25, 26 and 27, when there will be no government officers working.

Mail packages, either inbound or outbound, will be processed within 48 hours given that tracking number is known, otherwise 72 hours rules applies. Post office and express mail couriers don't work on Dec. 25, 26, 27 and Jan 1st & 2nd.

72 hours notice on banking transfer, again, bank don't open on Dec. 25, 26, 27 and Jan 1st & 2nd. No international transaction will be processed. Also you may expect certain delay on domestic transactions.

Thanks for understanding and

Enjoy the holidays!


2016圣诞新年冬季假期 Avery Consulting 办公室 假期安排

因移民局和省提名办公室在25,26,27, 1月1日,2日是法定假期,不会有人工作,Avery及合作同行仍在温哥华,但因假期缘故无法做到平日的24小时内处理简历,邮包,银行转帐。故12月23日至1月5日假期安排如下


有紧急遣返令,法庭令的新客户,和感兴趣 2017枫叶卡及公民 父母移民的新客户,请及时致电,视紧急程度安排到办公室面谈。

对已签约客户,如没有在1月3号有必须提交的文件,抢占名额步骤和出庭安排,一般电子邮件在48小时内回复。父母移民 和 可能1月初开放省提名的客户,会立刻通知最新进展。但25,26,27和1月1,2日政府办公室不工作,不会有最新进展。




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