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Special Discount Rate 2016 Summer Only

Special Rates for 

2016 H1B Rejection 's Plan B Package                 H1B抽签不中的第二轮Plan B

Can only take zero case                                           仅接


2016 Return to North America Package              海归再归海计划

Can only take two cases                                             仅接两案

                    总计十案 七月底截止


What's included?

Avery's consultation fee.

7 sessions of IELTS tutoring services. (600 CAD worth)

Governmental fees. (1100 CAD for FSW, another 1500 CAD for PNP )

Education credential accreditation fees. (300 CAD worth)

Small disbursement fees in Canadian dollars such as courier fees. (400 CAD+ worth)

Listed rates are for single applicant. Married couple may pay double amount of governmental fees, accreditaion fees, and tutor fees.


What do you pay outside of the package?

A few thousands CNY over your notarization fees in U.S. or China. Fees such as notarization fees, medical exam fees, are better be paid by client him/herself because the documentation can only be filed by applicant in person. 

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