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What's new with Canadian Immigration Policies during Pandemic 10 Q & A?!

Q 1: Since border closure from March 16, who can still come into Canada?

Q 2: Who need to do mandatory self-quarantine?

Q 3: What if I have landing paper COPR before March 18, 2020, but only intend to do short landing?

Q 4: Can resident of the USA (not citizen of USA, not PR of USA) come to Canada as visitor, given that visa is valid?

Q 5: Can I still submit any Application now?

Q 6: What about I submitted application before March 16, but still in processing?

Q 7: What about SIN? I heard Service Canada is closed for SIN on-site application. Can I work without SIN?

Q 8: What about recent Express Entry draws? Is it going higher or lower?

Q 9: What about IELTS exams? When will IELTS exam centers be open?

Q 10: What’s new with Avery’s calendar and services?

加拿大近期EE 申请,移民问答 Q&A 十问十答?!

Q 1: 加拿大边境于3月16号关闭,还有谁能入境?

Q 2: 自我隔离是强制的吗?

Q 3: 我有3月18号之前的登陆纸COPR,但是只短登,有什么风险?

Q 4: 我是一个美国居民,但不是美国公民或绿卡。我可以用有效旅游签来加拿大吗?

Q 5: 现在还可以递交任何申请吗?

Q 6: 如果我是3月16号之前递交的申请,目前还在等结果,又会怎样呢?

Q 7: 社保号怎么办呢? 我听说Service Canada关门不接待了, 没SIN可以工作吗?

Q 8: Express Entry 最近还抽签吗? 分数更高了还是更低了?

Q 9: 雅思考点什么时候能恢复正常啊?

Q 10: Avery的咨询和代理服务有什么改变吗?

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